And just like that, our 8th Annual Summer Challenge is over! Congratulations to all of the competitors today who crushed some goals and had a great time doing it. We also had a bunch of athletes who got through their very first competition today, so a big kudos to you!

1st place: The Hortelano's (Aryn Bartoshyk, Hector Hortelano)
2nd place: Salute to the Glutes (Alicia Hurley, Michael English)
3rd place: Maybach (Catrina Guglielmucci, Daniel English)

Thank you to our sponsors who helped put together some great prizes:
*Body Energy Club
*Rad Roller
*Fuel Your Fire
*HERO Culture
And to Jeff from MvmtLab for coming to work on the athletes throughout the day. Last but not least, thank you to Steve at Temper for bringing us some amazing chocolates and baked goods in the morning. It kept us on our toes the whole day!

As always, we had some kickass jams from beginning to end, so thank you to DJ Rhyno for always delivering and being a big part of our event.

Most importantly, thank you so much to all of our volunteers who took the time out of their day to help with judging and equipment. We honestly couldn't have gotten through the day without you guys. To Coach JD and Coach Jayboy – thank you for all that you do (which is mostly everything). We are so grateful to have you both with us and thank you for helping us run this event year after year. Feels great to get another one under our [weight]belts!

Until next year, everyone!