Congratulations to the top 3 teams of this years CrossFit BC Summer Challenge! You were all very inspiring and kicked some ass!

1st place: Katie Nadorozny & Theron White
2nd place: Jacquie Block-Glass & Fynn Mulligan
3rd place: Mikaela Zeitler & Juan Lara

Sending out a thank you to our sponsors who helped put together the great gift bags for our teams: Body Energy Club, Progenex, Caveman Grocer, Virus International, Fitness Town, Blonyx, and Junk Brands!!

Also, thank you to Ryan Jarvis, who cranked up some good tunes and made sure the event ran smoothly. You were a massive help as usual!


To all of the athletes: congratulations!! We saw many PR’s, blood (Hellcat’s lovely hand tears), sweat, and tears, and could not have had a better event. We loved seeing the CrossFit community come together and cheer each other on. 

To the volunteers: thank you so much for all of your help. These kind of events could not happen without the amazing group people who come together to help out with all of the equipment and judging.

To Coach JD and Coach Jayboy: you are amazing!! Thank you for providing everybody with some kick in the butt WODs. You sure put on one hell of an event this year, and we appreciate it so much! 

We hope you all enjoyed yourself this year, and look forward to having you back again in 2016!