Hang Power Clean + Strict Press
5 Sets:
10 Hang Power Cleans + 5 Strict Press w/Pause at Shoulders and Overhead
Aim for speed on the concentric portion and control on the eccentric, but not counting time

Build Over 5 Sets

Between Sets:
8-12 Toes To Bar or 15 Sit Ups w/0:20 Hollow Hold

Press/Pull Accessory
3 Sets:
30 Second Double DB Isometric Bent Over Row
(0:30 Rest)
30 Seconds Hammer Curls (Alternate and hold at 90)
(0:30 Rest)
30 Seconds V-Up to Tuck Up
(0:30 Rest)
30 Seconds Banded Tricep Extension
(0:30 Rest)
30 Seconds Toe Touch Crunch Isometric
(0:30 Rest)