Teams of 3 For Time

Divide work evenly with one athlete working at a time
Run together
Start and finish with run
Exercises can be done in any order but you must complete one exercise before moving on to another. 
Each team will have a weight plate (Comp 25lb plate, Bootcamp 10lb plate). One team member must be holding that plate overhead at all times. Work must stop if plate comes down. 

(Comp) & (Fitness)
800m Run
60 Toes To Rings
60 Situps
60 Squats
60 Pullups
60 Box Jumps 20″/24
60 Walking Lunges
60 Pushups 
800m Run

400m Run
45 Leg Raises
45 Situps
45 Squats
45 Pullups
45 Box Steps 20″
45 Walking Lunges
45 Pushups
400m Run