For Time

Teams of 3
One Athlete working at a time
Each Athlete completes all reps
Run together

Perform as follows:
All athletes run 400m.
When all teammates are back, Athlete A does 1 Burpee, Athlete B does 1 Burpee, Athlete C does 1 Burpee. Athlete A does 1 Toes to Bar, Athlete B does 1, Athlete C does 1. Same for DB Ground to Overhead.
Then Athlete A does 2 Burpees, Athlete B does 2, Athlete C does 2, etc, until each Athlete has finished 10.
Then run 400m.
Time is when last teammate finishes.

(Comp) & (Fitness)
400m Run
Then Ladder from 1-10
Toes to Bar
DB Ground to Overhead 35/50
400m Run

400m Run
Then Ladder from 1-7
Leg Raises
DB Ground to Overhead @ manageable weight
400m Run