Teams of 4. All team members may work at the same time starting anywhere they like and going in any order. One point is awarded when all 30 reps are completed within the allotted minute. Rest as needed to maximize the total number of completed rounds. Score is total number of completed rounds within the minute by all team members.

Part 1:
20 Minute EMOM
5 KB Swings (Fitness & Bootcamp)1/1.5p (Competitors)1.5/2p
10 Jumping Lunges
5 Hang Power Snatch (Fitness & Bootcamp)33/45 (Competitors)45/65
5 Burpees

(7 Minute Rest)

Part 2:
Max number of meters rowed by the team in 15 minutes. Each team has one Erg and only one person rowing at a time.

The score for the day will be the position that each team placed in each Wod added together.