To continue to provide our athletes with a safe and productive training environment, we are asking that all athletes book their spot ahead online for each class. We realize this may be inconvenient for some, but due to increasing class sizes (many are at capacity) this has become a necessity.

This will take effect Monday, February 23, 2015 .

How to do it:

Go to

– Go to the schedule tab and select your location, West Vancouver or Vancouver
– Click “Sign Up Now!”
– Using your email address that we have on file, either log in or create your new account so you can log in

Or click HERE to get to our online schedule.

Please note that if you do not reserve ahead of time and the class is full when you arrive, you may have to wait until the following class time to get your workout.

We don’t want any of our athletes to be disappointed, so please make sure you book ahead.

*All athletes must check in at the gym before class*