Clean and Jerk: Every 2:00 for 6 Rounds
1 Clean Deadlift with 4 Second Lift Off
1 Hang Power Clean with 4 Second Eccentric
1 Hang Clean 1 Jerk (Pause in the Catch for 4 Seconds) (Split of Push Jerk)

Build over 6 Rounds

Deadlift / Handstand Push Up: 4 Sets
6 Deadlifts from Riser (Stand on 25 or 45lb plate) w/4 Second Eccentric
Ensure bar does not touch the floor until all 6 reps are complete 
Get as close to the floor as possible on each rep
(0:30 Rest)
10 Handstand Push Ups @ Challenging Progression
(0:30 Rest)
12 Alternating DB Rows (As Heavy As form allows) + 0:20 DB Iso Hold
(1:00 Rest)