Providing food to those in need can be difficult at the best of times. With COVID-19, that task just got harder.
Food Banks Canada is in regular contact with the network of food banks across Canada and already there are signs of COVID-19’s devastating impact on the food bank system:

  • Food banks are already seeing drastic declines in the number of volunteers that are able to support their work in the days/weeks ahead.
  • Food banks are concerned about the amount of stock they have access to as a dwindling workforce means fewer pickups.
  • Most food banks are worried about how to financially support themselves through this crisis and beyond.
  • While the public prepares for possible impacts of COVID-19, food bank users cannot afford the same measure, leaving them more vulnerable.

We have setup a bin at the front of both gyms for food donations, so please help us out and donate any of the following items you may have: low sodium canned salmon, pasta, and any other non-perishable food items.

We will also accept cash donations as we have an envelope setup at the desk.

Please help us do our part in helping those in need during this tough time.