1. When did you join CrossFit BC?
February 2015

2. Why did you choose CrossFit?
I was starting to plateau (and frankly also getting a bit bored) doing my old gym and running routine, so was looking to make my workouts more varied. I’m pretty lazy about planning my training, so love having a WOD developed by a professional coach waiting for me every morning – all I need to do is show up and do it!

3. What changes in your health, physique and overall performance have you seen since starting CrossFit?
I’ve noticed rapid performance gains in both strength and endurance, which is incredibly motivating – at 36, I feel I’m in the best shape of my life. Prior to starting CrossFit, I was also suffering from some lower back pain – the result of tight hamstrings and muscular imbalances accumulated over the years. By engaging every muscle group in the body throughout its full range of motion, CrossFit has helped address the root causes and pretty much eliminate the pain.

4. What advice would you give to someone with regards to starting CrossFit?
Don’t put it off till next Monday, next month, or “when things get less busy” – just start! All the exercises are scalable, so CrossFit is accessible to all ages and fitness levels.

5. What is your favourite CrossFit exercise?
Chest-to-bar pull-ups and ring dips, because I know they’re the key to some day mastering the muscle-up 😉

6. What is your favourite activity outside of CrossFit?
Kitesurfing in the summer, snowboarding in the winter.

7. What is your proudest accomplishment at CrossFit?
Finishing Murph Rx felt like quite the accomplishment, even if I didn’t exactly break any speed records…

8. Have you made any changes to your diet?
Not really, although after the morning class I’m usually starving by 11am, so my lunches are now earlier in the day and richer in protein 😀

9. Is there something that people would be surprised to know about you?
I’m half Finnish, half Portuguese, and lived in 7 different countries before settling down in Vancouver, so my accent can be a little hard to place.

10. What/who inspires you the most?
I’ll have to go with Elon Musk, even if it’s a bit of a tech industry cliche – the guy is tackling some of the biggest challenges facing humanity today in a scalable fashion, and seemingly having fun in the process.