1. When did you join CrossFit BC?

In August 2015

2. Why did you choose CrossFit?
Because I already do Krav Maga and wanted to keep the same intensity of fitness when I can’t get to Krav. Once I started doing CrossFit, I had the ‘aha’ moment (I know Troy had it many moons ago!) that it actually strengthens my Krav so double yayy for doing CrossFit.

3. What changes in your health, physique and overall performance have you seen since starting CrossFit?
I do feel a lot stronger since I started and although I don’t use much weight with the bars, I can feel my muscles telling me that I can start to increase the weights that go on them. I think the biggest advantage is like I mentioned – it has helped me get stronger at Krav.

4. What advice would you give to someone with regards to starting CrossFit?
I would strongly suggest to start out using very little weight and increase very slowly. There is no need to overdo the weights, you can really hurt yourself but if you listen to your body and just use the weight that feels comfortable, then you can increase it as you start to get stronger. Don’t try to be a hero, someone will always be better and faster than you so focus on listening to what your body tells you it can handle.

5. What is your favourite CrossFit exercise?
The leg raises. And that is because I couldn’t even do one when I first started and now I can do the reps that are listed in the WOD so I can see some progress in my strength plus it forces me to hold my abs tight!

6. What is your favourite activity outside of CrossFit?
Krav Maga and snowshoeing, I am equally passionate about both.

7. What is your proudest accomplishment at CrossFit?
Knowing that I have improved over time (and it’s not my imagination). I think rowing, which has been one of my challenges, has improved and I’m very happy to see myself more efficient at it.

8. Have you made any changes to your diet?
No, sadly I’ve not. I try from time to time and sometimes I have will power but haven’t lately and less so with the bakery now. I did years back when you had the Paleo challenge and I did it, it worked really well for me.

9. Is there something that people would be surprised to know about you?
Probably most crossfitters don’t know that I do Krav as much as I do Crossfit.

10. What/who inspires you the most?
Dan Webster. Hands down. If it weren’t for his constant encouragement, amazing attitude and truly caring about my well being (and that of all others in the class), I know I wouldn’t be where I am today with Crossfit. I have an example that really touched me recently: I blew in on a Sunday to drop off something for him, it was just after 11 and the class had already started. Even though he was already explaining the workout, dowel in hand, he came over to me and gave me a big hug, asked if I was taking the class. That I thought was very very nice, he had no reason to leave the group and worry about whether I’d participate that day. This is just one example of how caring he is.