My CrossFit BC journey started in June of 2014 and I haven’t looked back. I walked by the Richards location so many times before I got the courage to step in the door. I thought lifting weights, a piece of cake. Well thank goodness for the wonderful instruction that taught me how to properly lift weights and not injure myself for this wonderful journey with all the great coaches at CrossFit BC. My favourite exercise to this day is box jumps and of course my second is burpees! Yah right who invented burpees!

My personal struggle for everyday energy increased two fold with every day that I continued to go to classes. Sophie’s Black Iron Nutrition instruction helped me to look at what I was eating and what I needed to eat, and my energy level to help plow through the classes.

I am 60 this year and proud of my age and my CrossFit accomplishments and couldn’t of done it all without the constant encouragement of the athletes and coaches. I would say to anyone starting at any age, if I can do it you can do it! It’s the positive energy of this club that will carry you along.

My proudest accomplishment is finally achieving a pull up without a band, and as much as running is not my favourite I’ve gotten better. I ride my bike to work and back with more ease.

I remember my first Saturday class and I was paired up with Kate Salters and I thought ‘oh no I’m going to slow her down’. Her encouragement carried me through and I thank her for that.

A big thanks to Sophie who encourages me in those morning classes and gets me going!

I would say to anyone starting you are going to love the journey, the changes to your body and energy levels. Just get your butt in the door!