1. When did you join CrossFit BC?

I believe it was around March/2020, just in time to get to know some of the great people in the North Van branch, before lockdown.

2. Why did you choose CrossFit?

I first tried CrossFit a number of years ago. I was taking some other fitness classes at the time, and one was cancelled, which gave me an opening to finally try CrossFit.

3. What changes in your health, physique and overall performance have you seen since starting CrossFit?

CrossFit has been great for building stamina and explosive strength. I found it helped me get really toned, and build a very strong core. It’s a great base for helping jump in to various other activities as well.

4. What advice would you give to someone with regards to starting CrossFit?

Take the time to learn the correct techniques from the beginning, and focus on them as your strength and endurance grow. Ease in to the classes, know your body’s limits, and never hesitate to ask your coach for guidance. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the classes and people around you !

5. What is your favourite CrossFit exercise?

I enjoy movement in general, so any time there are new techniques being taught, I feel challenged and engaged. Apart from that, I have fun with exercises like deadlifts and farmer’s carry.

6. What is your favourite activity outside of CrossFit?

I’ve got a dog, and love taking her out for long walks.

7. What is your proudest accomplishment at CrossFit?

I have not been as consistent with CrossFit as I would like, so whenever I am able to maintain regular training for an extended period of time, I’m very happy.

8. Have you made any changes to your diet?

I love eating and drinking, so CrossFit helps me keep a little balance there.. if my pants still fit, I’m ahead of the game.

9. Is there something that people would be surprised to know about you?

I just returned to Canada after 19 years abroad. (And yes, not really the best timing!).

10. What/who inspires you the most?

My Mom is probably my biggest inspiration.. she beat cancer a few years ago, and even now manages to exercise daily, despite being on complete lockdown at home. I also have friends who have continued to train through incredible adversity, which gives me a little extra kick in the ass whenever I feel the Great Lazy creeping in.