Our classes are getting bigger and the needs of our athletes are becoming more diverse. We have new athletes and seasoned competitors in every class and we want to offer different options to them based on their individual goals. Dan(JD) has been doing the programming for our Competitors over the last year and has done an amazing job of it, so I have asked him to take over the programming for all of our athletes at CFBC effective September 1st. You will see that he has addressed the needs of not only the newest CrossFit Bootcamper, but also those of our experienced athletes and our highest level competitors. Dan is also available to do personal programming if there is a skill or strength technique that you’d like to focus on. Contact him at dan@crossfitbc.com

The programming is 3 tiered, and named “CFBC” after CrossFit BC.

“C” is for Competitors.
“F” is for General Fitness.
“BC” is for BootCamp.

We encourage the new athletes to stick to the Bootcamp “BC” level until they have attained competency in the lifts and their bodies get conditioned to the daily Wods . All other athletes may choose between Competitor “C”, even if they don’t plan to compete, and Fitness “F” if they are a competitor but need an easier day for active recovery.

Let’s all get strong and fit together!