To our Athletes,

We are going above and beyond the protocols set out by WorkSafe BC and the BC Government in our efforts to make sure that all of our athletes and staff at CrossFit BC stays healthy. You are our #1 priority, so please do your best to help us keep you safe by following our protocols as outlined below. Hopefully this is temporary and we can get back to a more “normal” sooner than later.

• Classes will be capped at 6 athletes in West Vancouver and 10 athletes in Vancouver.

• If you can’t make it to a scheduled class, Open Gym is available at both gyms. 3 spots in West Vancouver, and 10 spots in Vancouver (outside of class times).

• Please note, this is NOT a coached hour, but staff will be there to oversee.

• Grid spacing and lane assignments will still apply during this time, even if you are the only athlete booked

• Regularly scheduled classes will take priority of equipment and training lanes

• Class schedule has been updated to accommodate for cleaning between classes (10- 15min transition period)

• Each athlete will have their own workout lane with their own equipment. There is no sharing.

• The coaches will allocate your lane based on equipment (taller athletes on higher pull-up bars for example)

• All equipment will remain in the taped lane and will be cleaned and left in that lane.

• Cardio equipment(Bikes, Rowers, Ski Ergs) will not be available during this time.

• For your safety and others, we ask that you please leave your children at home.

• Personal training sessions will be limited to 1 per hour during class times (Vancouver only).

• Class Pre-reservation will be mandatory (PLEASE don’t show up to the gym without reserving, there will be NO walk-in registration.

• Our coaches will check you in when you arrive (there is no need to touch the iPad at the front desk). This is why it’s mandatory to pre-reserve.

• Cancellation window has been moved to 90 minutes prior to class time so please cancel with as much notice as possible to allow others to take the limited spots.

• If you are feeling any symptoms or just don’t feel well, PLEASE STAY HOME.

• The coaches have full discretion to ask you to go home if you are displaying any symptoms of cold or flu while in the gym.

• The cubby areas will be closed at both gyms. All personal belongings must be kept in your training lane, so just bring what you need for the workout. This will keep everyone contained in their lane and avoid unnecessary travel around the gym.

• Please bring your water bottle filled up already, and only utilize the bathrooms if necessary.

• Please keep your Shirt or tank top on at all times in the gym (including during workouts).

• Hand sanitizers have been placed in both gyms for your use. Please use hand sanitizer upon arrival as well as after using the bathroom.

• Please come dressed in your training clothes to avoid needing to spend time in the bathrooms

• Please only arrive 5 min before your class time. Doors will be locked until 5 min before. While waiting outside please respect social distancing with fellow classmates. A coach will come and open the door when it’s time to enter for class.

• At the end of class please sanitize all equipment you have touched and clean your training lane(with the special disinfectant provided in each lane) and exit the gym within 5 min.

• The gym is taped out with marked training lanes, walkways & arrows to help everyone maintain their distance.

• The coaches will maintain safe distancing while coaching and rely on verbal cues and coaching, so please pay attention to their directions in class.

• The floors & high touch surfaces will be cleaned very frequently to ensure the highest level of cleanliness and sanitation.

• Welcome new members and old, we’re very excited to have you back in the gym!!


Troy, Sophie, and the Evolution BC Team