“Last Saturday, May 13, I participated in Canadian Masters Olympic Weightlifting Championship.

Considering that due to my knee injury, I have not been able to (or avoided) doing full squats, and my lifts have been power lifts, I wanted to get closer to my previous numbers.

My official competition PRs have been 76kg for Snatch and 88Kg for C&J.

My goal was to do at least 70 and 90kg (154.3 and 198.4 lbs) power lifts as good lifts.
I am happy that I exceeded both goals by two kilos.

Snatch (69), 69, 72 = 158.7#
C&J (89), 89, 92 = 202.8# (provincial record)
Total = 168 (same as my full squat total)
I got gold medal in my weight and age group.

Personal and non official (power) lifting PRs are
Snatch 72.5kg = 160#
C&J 95kg = 209.4#

This was a good one. Looking forward to SeaFest on June 23rd to increase both numbers.”