Well, it’s July 1 which means the worst of the restrictions have been lifted! The tape has been taken away, the grids are gone, and most importantly, so are the masks. We can finally breathe again!

We’re so incredibly excited to be able to get back to more of a “normal” now that we’re in Step 3 of the restart plan. With that being said, we ask that you:

1) Continue to book your classes and open gym sessions in advance. This is mandatory.

2) Continue to wipe down all used equipment after you’re finished with it.

3) Smile nice and big now that we can see your whole faces!!!

Of course, if you still feel comfortable wearing your masks for the time being, you’re more than welcome to do so.

See y’all tomorrow!

(Picture: thank you to the awesome 10am group who helped take all the tape off yesterday. That was not an easy job!!)