Congrats to the CrossfitBC and Capilano Weightlifting members after the 42nd Seafest O-Lifting Competition! The results are in: Curtis gold, Phelps bronze, Coach Mike gold, SaraSally bronze, and PRs for Bunny Hug and Mayhem.

Qualified for BC Weightlifting Provincials in December: Curtis, Coach Mike, Phelps, SaraSally & Mayhem.

Thanks to TKD and Jacob for volunteering their weekend to coach, and to the family members and Sandman for coming out to cheer.

Curtis – competition bests with 84lb improvement over 1 year ago, 209lb snatch and 255lb clean & jerk
Phelps – 1st competition, 176lb snatch and 253lb clean & jerk
Coach Mike – set BC Masters records on all six of lifts and total lifted, 35lb improvement since his 1st competition back from shoulder surgery in April
SaraSally – competition bests for each lift, the total lifted, and a PR clean of 190lb
Bunny Hug – 1st competition, PRs on both snatch and clean & jerk
Mayhem – 1st competition, PR clean & jerk of 231lb

Great job everyone!