Well, what can we say about 2019? It was a gong show. A lot of ups and downs, lots of changes. All for the better.

We started off the first quarter having to pack up our entire Yaletown location and move it to a temporary space while we figured out where our next home would be.

Then, once we found out that we had to get out of the temp spot sooner than expected, we were lucky enough to move our athletes over to Raincity Athletics while we continued to wait for our permits from the City.

This week, 9 months after this all started, we finally broke ground and started construction on our NEW HOME.

Although change is hard sometimes, this is the kind of change we all needed. More space, exciting new part of town, great neighbours – this year is ending on quite a positive note. We can’t wait to experience 2020 with all of you at BOTH gyms. Our CrossFit BC family is one of the best and we are ever so thankful for all of you.

Happy New Year!