WOD 1. 12 min AMRAP

10 Calorie Row
20 Russian Twists 14/20 (each touch is 1)
10 boxjumps 20”
10 Deadlifts 135/185
10 Burpees

Athlete 1 starts at Row. Once done Athlete 2 starts Russian Twists, then athlete 1 does boxjumps, athlete 2 does deadlifts and so forth. 2 Bars.

WOD 2. Grip’n’Skip 12min cap (1hr12min)

4 Rounds:
200M Pinch Grip Farmers Walk 15/25lb plates
50 DUs or 150 singles

– Farmers walk together
– Skip 1 at a time
– One athlete must finish skips before next starts.
– Must declare DUs or singles before starting.

WOD 3. Team Clean Complex to Max (12 Minute Time Cap)

1 Clean/2 Hang Clean

– Teams start with 2 bare bars 35/45.
– Go to max any way you like, in any increment. Up or down with weight.
– Only one person lifts at a time.
– Complex must be completed unbroken.
– Clean starts at ground then bar must not touch ground again until complex is completed.
– Hang Clean may be power or squat.
– You can rest and re-grip in hang position. If you fail during the complex, you must start it again.
– One point is rewarded for each successful rep on last round.
– Cleans can be full or power.

WOD 4. Frantastic 8 min cap

90 thrusters 65/95
90 pull-ups.

– Get’er done anyway possible.
– One person working at a time.
– There is no minimum work requirement for either athlete.
– 2 bars.