The 2013 CrossFit Games are in the books for me. As I think about my 3rd consecutive CrossFit Games, I reflect on some of my most memorable moments from this year.

Even after 2 previous Games, I still felt nervous going into the first event. Once that was done though, I was relaxed and had a better focus on the work to be done ahead. More than anything, it was the spirit of friendly competition and the genuine desire for all of my fellow competitors to do well in their events.

Each one of us have faced physical challenges over the last year as we trained for this competition, but overcame them to be here. It was the reason I stayed in CrossFit and didn’t continue at Globo Gym. What other sport will you see the athletes that have completed the Wod, go back to their fellow competitor and cheer them to the finish line.

Regardless as to how meaningful competition is. I still come back to the fact that the community of CrossFit is all about coming together to give each other the strength to do things as an individual that we never imagined we were capable of.

I remember when I started CrossFit many years ago, my first coach, Craig Patterson told me that as long as I continued to train, I would see improvement. One of our workouts this week was the benchmark “Nancy” which I PR’d. I took more than 5 minutes off my best time. Crazy!

Wod 3 was “Pullgatory” . It was a crazy combination of exercises, which I thought was going to be a classic CrossFit “Chipper”. Then, when we were told the standards at the athletes briefing, I found out that the Kettlebells were 88lbs and the sled I had to pull across the soft grassy field was 180lbs. WTF!! Nevertheless, I had my best finish of the Games. I came in 8th place.

It was a different Games without sharing the experience with fellow competitor Gord MacKinnon who qualified for the Games but was unable to compete due to injury. He’ll be back in the gym soon to prepare for next year.

A special thanks to my team at CFBC. Soph for steering the ship while I was away. My tireless wife Gisa, who even after working her own 8++ hour day, still came home to make the most amazing meals for the family. Dan “JD” Webster for programming me to do 1000’s of front squats over the last 2 months. Chris “Rider” Ericksen for being my support team at the Games for the last 3 years. Our amazing coaches that covered classes at our gyms so I could come and compete at the Games. Thanks to Brad “Spock” Neate, who’s amazing ability as a CrossFitting RMT, kept my body prepared for the abuse I put it through over the last couple of years of intense training. Last, but not least, my CrossFit BC family who over the last 3 years have made the long journey to Los Angeles to cheer me on.

I’m looking forward to a few days of relaxing, then getting back to the gym on Monday